Monday, July 7, 2014

A Post

For a blogger, artist, photographer, writer, ~ it’s a need.  A need to create.  An immeasurable quest for beauty and solace.

To soothe another’s soul with a gentle glance of earthly gifts.

To give another an escape when their bodies and hearts feel a surrender is near.  To wipe away the despair if only for a quiet moment.

To lift and feel relieved of the burden.

To lift the physical weight drowning the mourner’s body if only by chance.

                                                                                                         ( April Garon photo)
To feel the warmth from another’s attempt.

                                                                                                    (April Garon photo)
To let it carry out your burdens if only for this hour.

To accept joy and hope in a song or tapestry of color.

To despair while living in the color.

To be able to nurture one out of the dark.

To hold a hand until ‘safe’ is found.


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