Monday, May 8, 2017

Almost A Visit To The Past

Mama had told me early that morning to walk to the store for some things.  I am nine and walking to the store barefooted.  The rocks hurt but I am trying to toughen up my feet.  The store is way out in the country as are we.  The store has those old wood floors as all the stores in the country did at that time.  I couldn't get much for me but it was a sure highlight to have anything sweet.

Mama babysat across the lane.  I was a little jealous because they had air conditioning.  Meanwhile we had a fan and it was hot.  When I say hot, I am talking about Mississippi hot.  Humid and hot is a lot different from just hot.  But I was young and didn't notice the heat so much as I would when I got older.  We lived down from my grandparents, they had air condtioning too.  My grandmother always had the best desserts on Sunday afternoon.  I didn't dare go peek and see what it was.  She never fussed at me but I knew I better not go messing around in her kitchen.  She had an air of authority.  We were taught about Jesus and Hell but I wasn't ready to visit either one yet.

You can feel that this photo was taken early in the morning.  It also has the look of history, of remembering all those mornings long before. I love the morning light, do you?  I know you have seen many photos of outdoors where they still carry the night's fog.

It's a sliver of time to play with in my house before the sun moves toward the west.  I try to have things set up prior to taking a few photos.  This morning though I managed to get some shots that I considered a good representation of morning.  Blurry but bright and full of possibilites.

Almost a visit to the past.



  1. Love your pictures...they have a dreamy quality to them. I would be very happy sitting on your beautiful sofa, enjoying the sunshine and a nice cup of tea. I promise not to spill! ha! Your decorating style just speaks to me. You said and I quote, "Love color, pattern and layers in a well dressed room". The layers are what make a room inviting and warm.

    1. Thank you so much Donna! That is so sweet of you to say. Layers are so important for comfort and interest. Have a great evening!