Monday, February 20, 2017

Azaleas In February

I know, I know, all I am talking about is everything blooming here.  But it's just so strange for it to be happening so early.  It's been so warm for this time of year and every day there is something new blooming.  I love seeing everything coming out of hibernation.  I am enjoying seeing and using what Mother Nature is providing right now.


I don't think I shared my Christmas gift to myself this year on the blog.  Turquoise or aqua plates have been catching my eye. French antique Sarreguemines majolica plate in a very vivid shade of blue and featuring two birds perched in a cherry tree.

Now when I say this was a gift to myself, it was!  I have never traveled outside the country except for one short trip to Mexico in the 1980s.  This plate went over the Atlantic Ocean from France to my humble abode in the Deep South.  I was so excited when it arrived, I took a photo of the postage stamp!



My new addition...well additions.  I was fortunate to find the pretty one to the right over seas as well.  So it's a vignette of Valentine's roses, card, azaleas and french plates along with pinecones and a small container of tulips.


I have been trying different looks with them.


It was late March last year when I was able to bring azaleas inside.


The pansies took forever to have flowers this year and I don't know why.



I brought in a big branch of azaleas so they would show really pretty.  That's a tip, if you want your flowers to stand out then use a lot!


Meanwhile the hunt for new drapes for the dining room continues........and yes it has been challenging! I hope you have a great week!


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