Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Vignette

A February vignette that very much looks like it should be in March.  We continue to have such warm days and the biggest azalea bush in the front is starting to really fill out with blooms.  I couldn't help myself and brought some inside.  The green vase helps bring out the magenta color and it sits on top of the winter green glass bowl that is sitting upside down.  The combination of the two help pick and a reflect the light.  Pinecones still out for the winter decor could further confuse an onlooker.  Is it winter or spring?  Yes, I agree it's confusing!


This big mirror was living across the dining room on top of the armoire but I missed it here.  The mister moved it and I know I need to keep it in one place because it's so old and fragile.  You can't miss the cloudy spots on it.



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