Sunday, September 4, 2016

September Table

Guess what season is showing up on the dining table and buffet today?!  It all started with some roses that come in those hues that have a special magic about them.  There are shades of pink and yellow and peach that are perfect year round but seem especially appropriate for fall color.  The roses are in the blue and white jars and dried hydrangeas in the open filigree bowl.

The buffet carries over the dried hydrangeas used as an accent with the colored grasses and more roses.  Smaller pieces of copper sit at the foot of the arrangement beside the green vintage books.  Blue willow plates and blue tablecloth represent the blue sky of Autumn and always compliment the warm tones so well.




If I see a fabric that I especially love I usually buy it before I know what I will do with it.  If you love something you will find a way to use it.  This isn't a tablecloth but I use it as one all the time.  It's actually.....a fitted sheet!  That's right!  Gathered as it is in the center of the table gives the table more oomph and you wouldn't know the wiser if I hadn't told you.


Since it's a blue color I knew I would use it quite a lot and have.


But it's a secret between us, I don't want everyone copying me and using sheets on the table.  Wink!


I added lorapetalum clippings and some from another bush.



I like to experiment with the flowers and see what comes out....





1 comment:

  1. Jan,
    This is exquisite!
    I adore the hue of your roses, dear friend!
    Timeless classic blue and white with yellow or orange is such a perfect combination!
    It has warmed up a "tad" on the Prairie, but the mornings hint of Autumn!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!