Sunday, September 25, 2016

Roses For Fall Tables

You can always count on roses to bring pretty to your table or vignette regardless of the season.  That includes using roses for Fall tables.   They come in every color possible and bring such softness and beauty.  A vintage salad plate with its display of Autumn leaves was the starting point of this vignette.  I love the colors used in the plate with very little orange to be seen but more of the scarlet colors you do see in the foliage.

I let this one orange pumpkin have its moment of glory.


A vignette can be placed anywhere you want it and if you want it to really be noticed, placing it in an less typical spot, like in a chair - brings a lot more attention to it.  This happened by chance as I recently have a real office!  My daughter's old bedroom was painted a warm white color and I have moved blogville into it.  It gets a lot of natural light and it's a different world with all that light.  I am so excited about that.  It's a real working space with a lot of my styling thingies on shelves so I can easily see them.  The fabrics I use are hanging in the closet and I have a dining table set up in here now.  This beats pulling everything out and dragging it out on the back porch for sure.  It's much easier to keep organized too. 

I do hate that I am away from the Sonny and Layla so much but they don't like coming in here a whole lot.  So I have to go take breaks to make sure they remember me.


Roses of many colors pick up and compliment the leaves seen in the plate.  The stemware echos those colors and dried roses soften the look.


I caught a peek or two of changing leaves close to our home.


Taking it from a vignette to a tablescape, the tablecloth is rich and deeply colored, bringing another layer of richness.











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  1. Looking lovely! The roses are pretty ♥