Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Petite Pumpkins Used Three Ways

Adding special touches of Fall to your home doesn't have to mean going out and buying ten containers of mums or twenty pumpkins.  Small special vignettes using mostly with what you have on hand can bring unexpected and pretty touches to your home.  Petite pumpkins used three ways show just how easy it can be.  You don't have to work hard, just smart!  Just remember to use the colors you are drawn to year round in your vignettes and it will be much more appealing to you.  In this vignette, with the exception of the three petite pumpkins, I had on hand the vintage books and a pretty piece of stemware.  Using a blue willow plate as the base the blue bound vintage books keep the rich look from becoming too warm.  My daughter's art is the blue backdrop.




This basket is packed to appear as if you are just about to go out the door for lunch on the lake on an Autumn day.  There are a couple of purple transferware plates with purple goblets.  The bed of dried roses keep things looking lush.


Adding small touches can be just as striking and doesn't require the room for more elaborate decorating for Fall.


If you like to go with a more spare lean look, this is the same goblets with a slightly smaller plate and purple/warm pink flowers.  It pops against a white background.


Or if you like the look of the larger velvet pumpkins, pair a couple of larger pumpkins with dried hydrangeas and and a garden cherub.  Then consider it done.




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