Sunday, June 5, 2016

Yucca For You

All white tables have their allure and today I have one to share with you.  There is just a hint of color from the mismatched salad bowls that bring the table to life.  Gold chargers sit under white plates that have a gold stripe around the rim.   Brass, vintage silver as well as champagne colored candleholders are sharing the table.



The mister brought home a mystery flower for me.  It is blooming everywhere now but I couldn't remember what is was called.  We even had the plant at our former home, I am sure.


It grows very tall on a spikey plant.  For some reason I was thinking of it as a cactus plant, but it isn't.


Actually it is a yucca plant.


You can see them blooming everywhere now.


Do you recognize them now?  Beautiful garden I found online showing the yuccas blooming in a garden with lots of color.


I am in the deep south, are they blooming near you?



According to Wikipedia, "Yuccas are widely grown as ornamental plants in gardens. Many species also bear edible parts, including fruits, seeds, flowers, flowering stems,[10] and more rarely roots. References to yucca root as food often stem from confusion with the similarly pronounced, but botanically unrelated, yuca, also called cassava or manioc (Manihot esculenta). Roots of soaptree yucca (Yucca elata) are high in saponins and are used as a shampoo in Native American rituals. Dried yucca leaves and trunk fibers have a low ignition temperature, making the plant desirable for use in starting fires via friction.[11] In rural Appalachian areas, species such as Yucca filamentosa are referred to as "meat hangers". The tough, fibrous leaves with their sharp-spined tips were used to puncture meat and knotted to form a loop with which to hang meat for salt curing or in smoke houses."







  1. Jan, this post is beautiful! I love the plate combination, and the yucca plant makes a very nice specimen. I didn't know the historical properties of that plant, and may have to research a little further to see if it's a viable choice for my landscape!
    Have a great week.

  2. Thank you Rita! It's a nice addition for many landscapes. We had one like I mentioned at our former home and I never had to do anything for it.