Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Sketch

Hello!  I don't know about you but I don't have fall fever yet. I like this music with this post if you are so inclined.  However this sketch popped in my mind when I was considering putting together a vignette. 

Amethyst, brass, lavender, grape, brown and black.  I gravitate toward these colors in the Fall, who says it's just about orange pumpkins?!  What color is a grape?  I say grape and find them to be an irresistible color in the Fall.

It was sketched by my grandmother's mother.  I thought with some grapes and lavender roses I had on hand, I could put together a vignette or two that has a fall like feel to it.  The colors are perfect to me.  My greatgrandmother was an artist and painted many paintings.  I have shared before on here that she was sent to art school by her parents.  They didn't want her to become serious with a young man she was seeing.  Their plan did not work and they married anyway.  They had children and were very much in love but her beloved husband died early at 32.  She must have felt forced to remarry.  She married her father-in-law.   She had a stroke while still young and my grandmother had to care for her.  She died when my grandmother was 15.  There was no transportation or phone.  My grandmother walked to tell of her mother's passing.  Later my grandmother was sent to boarding school by her two older sisters.  My greatgrandmother had many paintings that were shared with earlier generations.

Inside on the buffet with dried flowers from our garden.  The dried hydrangeas from this year's bushes.

I was surprised to find some very late wisteria on our bush.  I promise it's real!



  1. What a beautiful sketch! And even better, the story of your forebears. It sounds like a plot for a romantic movie, doesn't it?

    1. Thank you Ellen! It does! But I never thought of it that way before. I guess growing up and hearing it all your life you tend to not see or hear anything extraordinary about it. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi Jan, isn't it fun to play around with our stuff and create fun vignettes? You have done a super job with yours, I really like the sketch as the inspiration for this Fall post. Lovely!
    Have a great week.

  3. Thanks Gina! Oh yes, I love 'playing' around with vignettes. Thank you for commenting and I hope you have a wonderful week.