Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pound of Sugar

Hey!  How are you?  I am still on break from blogging.  But I am taking a break from the break!  That’s right!  I wanted to share my pretty little flowers and Tea cookies.  There’s tea brewing in the floral print cup, it has its own strainer inside the cup.  There’s the solid light green creamer because you know some people like milk in their hot tea.

The porcelain young lady belonged to my grandmother.

Concrete cherub that’s supposed to live outside but I really like it inside.

The pink carnations almost look like a pillow here.  I do like carnations but they always smell like the funeral home don’t they?

White pitchers of carnations sitting on old silver.

The bowl is for holding a pound of sugar.  That’s what the tag said!  Oh but honey I could go through that real fast with my sweet tea!


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