Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm Stuck On Blue!

Hello, how are you?

I need to take a break from blogging.  That became abundantly clear today. 

So I hope you will excuse me for a bit.  Things to tend to.

Since the tree fell on our house this past summer and took the shade with it I have been trying to figure out the best way to handle the lack of shade we will be facing.  Our back porch was shaded for a big part of the day from the tree as well.  We do have a wisteria bush that has been planted in the same place for a long time now.  It wants to grow to be very big and my mister is always having to cut it back.  So I have been considering letting it grow and looking at some sort of structure for it to grow on and eventually be a shade of sorts.

On the mantel in front of the vintage mirror….

Of course it would have to be something simple and doesn’t cost an arm and leg.  I know my mister could build it.

He just has to agree it’s a good plan.  We will see.

Talk to you soon…..


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