Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Rearranging and Roses

Hey!  Today there’s a new vignette on the buffet.  I am pretending it’s Spring.  Lots of rose covered cups and dishes with some roses peeking out of the center of the buffet.

Have you started planning what you will plant this Spring?  Are you going to have a garden?  What do you usually grow?  We tried to grow some more roses but they didn’t do well this past summer.  Then we had a tree to fall on the house.  That tree gave us a lot of shade and I knew how much shade plants would get based on that tree.   So it will be a whole new ball game now, I’m afraid.  We will need a lot of sun loving plants as they will get sun all day now.  We have a few oleanders, maybe I will just get a boatload more of them and call it done!

I have to ‘play’ indoors mostly now.

I put this little vignette together last year about this time.  Berries last a long time in water and I paired them with birds and a plate of rose heads.

I have been rearranging the living room since I did a post on it.   But I get to ‘redecorate’ and it’s free.

I added a rug here but it didn’t stay, I wasn’t too happy with this look.

I have rearranged the living room five (5) times since Christmas.  I have a rearranging obsession, I’m afraid.  Do tell me dear friends, which way do you prefer it?  It’s okay, I rearrange all the time.  This has the two green chairs to the left.  One sofa is sitting catty corner with a chair beside it. It’s behind the camera in this shot but  you can see it in the next photo.  The other sofa sits far apart toward the front door.  I have that voice in my head narrating my words again.  Of course, it’s a Downton Abbey character, can you guess which one?

Basically the same but the sofa is moved in closer to the room and the Marsala colored chair breaks up the green chairs.  I like the way that sounds as if I knew what the latest color trend was going to be and I bought it a few years prior to its announcement.  See, I am so ahead of my time! Ha!

One sofa faces the fireplace and the other sits in front of the double windows that overlook the backyard.  There are two chairs positioned closer to the front door.

January roses.   I think my husband may be a bit miffed at me for having a good time with another man.  Even though it was innocent fun.  Not me silly, my character.   Do you know who I am now?

I am the American Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham.


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