Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summers Ago

The crickets were loud but you could hear a car in the distance.  It was cooler for a night in July, a whole lot cooler.  I didn't want to go in but to stay outside and breathe in the evening air.  It had been hot for a long time already and this was a surprise. (If you want a more emotional experience, Forrest Gump Soundtrack pairs well with this post.)

The sunflowers were all turned toward the east, always ready for the morning sun.  This evening was a quick and temporary respite from the thick, wet and hot air.  The cooler night air made me nostalgic and I felt a tug pulling me to memories of when I was a young girl.  Like the simple act of sitting outside on the porch on a July night.  The lightening bugs were dancing in the yard as they had all my life.



Summers ago.....We had no air conditioning and were used to being hot all the time. Mama fussed about our shorts being so short.  I was baby sitting, listening to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, Seasons In The Sun....over and over.  My brother was listening to Chicago.  Country music just wasn't cool.  Sunday lunch was always a big meal that we looked forward to.  Mama would cook all morning before church while singing the gospel hymns as loud as she could.

My friends and I went to the creek many summers.  We would daydream about when we married one day and what kind of guy we would marry.  I had a feeling there would be many husbands for a couple of them.  I wasn't wrong....

Another friend had married her sweetheart at such a young age.  He was her everything and gave her what she had been seeking all her life.  She loved him with all her heart.  Then one day it ended with such a sadness that was unbearable.  She met him so many Summers ago.....



Oh how I wish I could go back and just watch and listen to them.  To all of them.




Don't we all wish that?  To visit with them, to see them.  To hear their voice once again.  Just one more time...


So many Summers ago.....



  1. Jan, I know how you feel. As I get older, I seem to think a lot of days gone by, simpler times and such
    wonderful memories. My parents and my only sibling, a younger brother, are gone now and I ask them every
    night to please send me a sign to let me know they are with me. I know that they are, but like you said,
    just to see them once more. Thank you.

  2. Amen and Amen....just one more time!!!