Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's Been Such A Long Long Time

It's been such a long long time but I didn't give up hope.  Then Joni Webb of Cote de Texas,  a known blogger wrote, "Floral, patterned fabrics are back in style. Maybe not yet quite a trend, but there is a renewed interest in prints. Driven by a rejection of all-beige and all-white interiors - bright, color drenched rooms have been popping up in magazines, looking very fresh and new."  Which was followed by a photo of a room with green walls and floral prints.  She then wrote," This library by Miles Redd, recently shown in House Beautiful, says it all.  Prints are back.    And to satisfy the demand, fabric houses are busy introducing new designs, but, the old patterns are as popular as ever."  Her post is here.

Let's savor this, shall we?!!  "Driven by a rejection of all-beige and all-white interiors."  I wondered many, many times if I was alone on this island of despair.  But I was paying attention and reading comments made on magazine sites.  There were so many that were not buying the neutral look.  Many that wondered out loud what was being sold to them.  After years of wanting to pull my hair out and fussing and a little cussing I am elated with reading this.  I know with all things in the decorating world it may be a little while before it trickles down.  But at last there is vindication for the  florals that have been held captive, hidden away from admiring eyes.

This is fresh from Architectural Digest showing Nancy Hoguet's home.

Nancy Hoguet

I literally felt such a sense of relief.  This is how it's done correctly now with some updated fabrics.  It's just enough to keep the granny look away.  Do you see the freedom in this room with the exuberance and life from the patterns?!  They don't match but get along so well.  Do you notice that you cannot take the whole room in a glance as we so often do now with the simple decorating that has pervaded our homes?  This is exquisite layering that is interesting to the eye.


How about that wall color, not a neutral for sure.


Now I really do realize that most white sofas don't look like this all the time.  But yes this is what I have always been so afraid of with one.

I know many including me are jubilant, joyful and looking forward to seeing florals coming back out in the open!  You know I wonder if a lot of this is because the manufacturers were looking at the millennials when it came to purchase power.  They say there are one million more of them then the baby boomers.  Of course they (the Millennials) would want a totally different look then the looks they saw in their parents home.  I know there is a market for those that desire the looks we have seen.  But then our sheer number demanded that they listen to our desire for furnishings that are prettier to the eye.

 So I raise a toast (mine being sweet tea but you get the point) to my fellow boomer, that we did it!  We brought back the florals!  Now I can listen to Etta James sing and not cry about those florals!


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