Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gallery Walls Or Not

I thought we could look at a few gallery walls and walls that wouldn't be considered totally gallery but impressive just the same.  Okay?  Okay!

two story gallery walls

Madresfield Court -  Madresfield Court is a Grade I country house in England, in the village of Madresfield near Malvern in Worcestershire.[1] The stately home, near the village centre, has been the ancestral home for several centuries of the Lygon family, whose eldest sons took the title of Earl Beauchamp from 1815 until 1979, when the last Earl died. Distinguished collections of furniture, art, and porcelain are housed at Madresfield, which was rated by Sir Simon Jenkins among the 50 best in his book on 1,000 historic houses.[2]

The house is managed by the Elmley Foundation, a British registered charity.[3]  Found on Wikipedia here.

Thank goodness we don't have to work this hard to have a gallery wall!    There is so much interest in gallery walls now and I love them when they are done tastefully.  You don't have to spend a lot but it doesn't hurt for it to look like you did. ;)  If you want a look that stands the test of time you will find a common thread through many successful gallery walls. They include landscapes, animals, botanicals, ancestry, and collections.

Doesn't the blue look so rich with the gold framed art against it?!  The mirror is special and the little touches of red help it pop even more.

Randal Dawkins/Apartment Therapy seen here.

Country Living

Alexa Hampton ~ Beautiful grouping of art.

Very nice wall of animals in the artwork.


Cullman & Kravis seen here.  Beautiful large photos on their site.

Habitually Chic as seen here.  This apartment is an adventure, be sure to check it out!

This reminds me of a gallery wall.  The deep color and shelves act as an anchor and the books and ornamentals acts as a grouping.  I love that the tv disappears.

grand staircase

Gary Riggs2
Gary Riggs

House Beautiful
House Beautiful

Beautiful landscapes

Gary Riggs
Gary Riggs

Chatsworth, Derbyshire, of The Dukes of Devonshire
Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, of The Dukes of Devonshire

Now this is a very interesting slideshow that you may want to see.  Two different apartments with the same square footage.  They are decorated so differently.  Do you prefer his or hers??!

His and Hers - Slide Show - NY  seen here.

Bathrooms can be a great place for hanging art.  Just try to keep the moisture down or hang copies of prints so there is no worry of damage.

Ben Pentreath's bathroom
Ben Pentreath

Fran Keenan/Southern Living

This kitchen doesn't have a whole gallery wall but I thought this photo was a nice image showing a hint of a gallery look that works so well in this kitchen.

Kathy Delgado's kitchen on kichen.com seen here.

But if you really like drama....

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren seen here.


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  1. Hi Jan, wow I would say those are some gallery walls! A little too much for my taste but I love the Chatsworth house!