Sunday, November 8, 2015

Seven Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table

It's getting closer to Thanksgiving, it will be here before you know it.  Are you ready?  Do you know how you want to set your table this year?  Here are some ideas for your Thanksgiving table I have done in the past that may be a pretty look for your table.

1. All White ~ An all white table works beautifully.  I layered a white lace tablecloth over a green one.  Then I brought a few pieces of old tarnish silver that gives it a vintage look.  Although these white flowers aren't available from the yard now any white flowers would work.  It doesn't have to be flowers either.  You could place clippings from almost any bush on your table and it would give your all white table a festive feeling.

2.  Blue on blue.  This is a top contender of mine anytime of the year.  This is done with a blue and white toile tablecloth with your blue and white dishes.  Any version of this works, you could use a all white tablecloth and add your blue dishes.  Or vice versa, a blue tablecloth with your white dishes.  Any flowers or napkins you add will pop against the blue and white!  That's one reason I love it so much.  You could gather berries from your yard or run to the grocery store and buy whatever color of flowers you love.  Orange, yellows, peach, purples, reds, any color would look great!

3. Throw a rug on your table!  That's right!  I ran across a pretty rug being sold at a local discount store and the colors worked perfect.  This really brings so much to the table you don't need much to complete the look.  The plates were bought years ago at a consignment store.  I added the last of our yard flowers here and added small white pumpkins to further the Fall look.

4.          Well I just accidentally hit publish instead of preview so if you received this post twice, I apologize!  This is a Fall fabric that I love to use this time of year.  It's actually the reverse side and it definitely leans toward a Fall look.  I also ran a crimson fabric folded down the center of the table for added depth.  We finally had some Fall colored leaves and they were scattered on the table.  My gold basket bowl holds pumpkins and ornamental squash.  White plates anchor small white pumpkins peeping out of the white bowls. 

5.  This was fun to do and not hard at all!  You can see I placed my same gold woven metal bowl on top of the large 'vase'.  I added small pie pumpkins and Indian corn.  At the base of it is orange roses in clear glasses and one green vase.  The tablecloth is white with the white plates and bowls.  If you notice, I don't usually go into detail about the flatware or glassware used on my tables, they can act as jewelry to the table but I frankly don't have the storage for that to be an ever evolving theme. I have to admit it's usually the last thing I think of because it's not that important to me unless there is a sentimental value to it.  The exception would be for colored glassware, I am trying to stay away from it but oh it can be oh so pretty!

6.  This was another fun table.  I used the same plates as you saw on the "rug table."  Instead of using another rug, I brought a grayish green throw to the table.  The lavender roses were beautiful but were on the way down.  Sometimes when you buy your roses from the grocery store you don't know how fresh they are so a lot of times I will trim them!  That's right!  I bet you never heard that before.  I just trim the edges of brown off and I usually can at least get another day out of the roses.  So I did a little trimming but not much on these and threw them on the table.  I tried to space them equally apart but look like they just fell that way.  You don't want them lined up or looking too rigid.  The red roses work really well with these subdued hues.  It brings vitality to the table and keeps it from being boring without spending hardly any money!

7.  This is a centerpiece that cost $0.  I had two red roses left over and wasn't willing to part with them yet.  My mister had found the cardinal's nest that summer and it had been sitting on our back porch for quite a while.  I scooped it up and it was the bed for the two roses.  There are a couple of bushes in the yard that had a few red berries so they came inside with me and with the different hues of the dried hydrangeas, I had a centerpiece.

The centerpiece sat on a mirror.  The white lace tablecloth was used with my pink and blue Rose Chintz plates.  So you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a pretty look!

I hope that gives you some ideas you can use for your Thanksgiving table this year.



  1. Jan,
    Gorgeous tablescapes, dear friend!!!
    I have a few ideas rolling around in my head,
    but still not a set Thanksgiving Table.
    Thanks for inspiring and encouraging!!!

    1. Thank you Pat! I can't believe it's so close.

  2. Gorgeous tablescape, each and every one of them. Looked like a beautiful day/s when you took the photos. I'm just about to start a few new tablescapes around here... love the blue on blue look.

    1. Thanks Cathy! I try to wait until the sun is out or my photos just don't turn out as well as I like. We are sitting with clouds and it rained all weekend so no new photos until the sun decides to shine.

  3. These are all so pretty. You have a romantic approach to your designs. I have a couple of birds nests I've saved. Haven't decided what to do with them yet. I like that layered vase and metal bowl with the pumpkins and indian corn. Great ideas!

    1. Thank you Liz! They were all fun to put together.

  4. Hi Janie Pooh!. Well, every one of these tablescapes are just beautiful! You know I'm a big fan of yours and it would be very hard to pick a fav! Thanksgiving is almost here! :)
    Be a sweetie,

  5. What beautiful inspirations for Thanksgiving day table!