Thursday, November 5, 2015

Carolyne Roehm, Connecticut Home

We will get a peek at Carolyne Roehm's home in Connecticut today!  It's a beauty!  Carolyne  has published her latest book, At Home in the Garden.

Carolyne's 'At Home in the Garden'
View from At Home in the Garden; Carolyne writes: “If you can create a landscape that doesn’t only come to life in spring, it will be a source of pleasure—even when it’s too cold to venture out."

Carolyne's print sofa
Carolyne Rhoehm recently partnered with One Kings Lane and gave a tour of her home in Connecticut named Weatherstone.

Carolyne's home
Her Connecticut home, Weatherstone.

Carolyne's bookcase
Carolyne realized she wasn't using her formal dining room and didn't want a wasted space.  So the table was moved out of the room and the floors were painted navy and white pattern.  Carolyne has found the painted floors bring light to the room and loves them.

Carolyne's sofa back and mirrors
In very modern homes, I feel cold and alone. I never feel alone in these rooms.
— Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne's great room
Carolyne is an early riser at 6 a.m. and is always surrounded by her beloved dogs.

Carolyne's study
“I wanted one cozy room,” Carolyne says of her wood-paneled library. “When you’re down or tired, you need a retreat.  This room is a favorite of hers for an off-duty night of television. “I’ve never seen a Kardashian anything, but I love espionage and thrillers. I’m totally in love with Scandal."

Carolyne works tirelessly with focus and passion.   For more photos and reading click on to One King's Lane here.    No, I wasn't compensated to bring you this!



  1. Hi Jannie Pooh! ;) OH, what a beautiful place! She has such style! I could cozy up in a few of those rooms. I'm curious, you didn't tell us how the carrot cake came out! Inquiring minds want to know! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Isn't it beautiful?! I am proud to announce that I did not buy a carrot cake but I was back at it today and it came out great! I found an old recipe of Ree Drummond's that worked out perfect. I needed to double the amount of flour and cut back on the butter. There were no spices used in this one except for the cinnamon and I was oh so careful with it. : ) He doesn't like the frosting so the cake has to be really good. Thanks for asking Sheila!

  3. Simply gorgeous and I love the landscape the best...where there's water theirs calm.

    1. It is, Cathy! Yes, I love that photo of the Fall trees and the water. Such tranquility.

  4. Jan,
    What a gorgeous home!

    Thanks for stopping by Blue Bell Is Back. The small print on the ice cream price indicates $5.99 is a sale price, and it looks like the regular price is $6.99.

    Did you know you have a "no reply" email address for your comments on my blog? I'm not sure how to change that. Do you?


    1. Hey Judith! It is truly a beauty. Sounds like ya'll are buying that Blue Bell ice cream much cheaper there as it was selling for $7.99 over here. I have been told that before about the 'no reply' but haven't conquered the answer to it as of yet. Thanks for coming by. : )

  5. Cannot wait to get my hands on this book! Glad the cake turned out good.
    Just a by the way - I am still gettiing your blog through word press also, so I get you twice!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend...

    1. Thanks 'Princess'! It was a relief to get that cake done. I am so glad I came across a much better recipe for sure. I have many readers that haven't switched over to this blogger blog and I am trying to remind them to make the switch. I have posted many reminders at the end of posts and summaries instead of an entire post. I may 'double post' for a while longer. So see you get two for the price of one! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Thank you for this lovely I am on the hunt for her Interiors book :^) Merry Christmas to me!!
    Blessings and have a great weekend,

    1. Thanks Jaybird! What a wonderful gift to yourself. I do love that she has lots of color in her home, it is truly timeless. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Blessings and have a great weekend,