Sunday, December 7, 2014

This Year 2014

Hey!  I am up really late once again.  I seem to be able to write better late, very late.  It’s been such a year of newness for me.  I entered the world of blogging.  What?!  Me?  Me blog??!!  I never saw it coming.  Facebook was something I had no desire for.  As for blogging, why would I open up myself and home for anyone to see?  I thought bloggers were crazy to show the world their home.  As time went on I started taking pics with my cell phone.  I started getting  likes and positive comments.  A very kind blogger shared a couple of my photos.   Hmm…could I?

Fast forward to the end of 2014.  It has been an adventure for me this year.  I look back on my photos and I remember instantly everything that was going on.  Did I take that?  Me??  No pretense of being a photographer but I think sometimes if I work really hard on some photos I can share a glimpse of beauty.  A glimpse of wonder.  A glimpse of nature and the extraordinary gifts we receive from it.
It feels like I have been on a safari and seeing so many things through new eyes.  I took the time to look.  And there was so much to see.  Taking my camera with me most every time I left the house I  might just might catch something that is waiting and it’s a gift.  And I was awed by the many gifts all around me.  In the everyday of life.  The beauty of everyday life.  Taking that chance  and reaping the reward that was fulfilling and humbling.

Next year is here!  Whether it is called blogging or taking photos or putting together pretty little vignettes.  It feeds my soul.  If this passion is seen as a knack or talent, I am grateful for only HE gives us our talents.  But it is up to us to use them and cultivate them.   And if you can use your gift in a way to lift up another then it is your responsibility to do so.

I have learned how much passion I have for this.  I hope I have brought you a teaspoon of happiness with my posts.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my  readers, whether you follow my every post or not.

I know we still have a little time left in 2014 but I know a lot of you will be very busy until the end of this year.  Here’s just a few posts from the ride we took this year and thank you for riding with me.

Hydrangeas on old lace tablecloth here.

Watching the geese down the lane from us here.

Hot summer afternoon in the deep south here.

The seashells on the graves in Alabama here.

Burning my bangs with a candle here.

Chanterelle mushrooms growing in my yard here.

Coloring Your Home Like Betsy Speert here.

Spring had finally arrived here.

One of my vignettes here.

I shared my love of Kitty Bartholomew’s decorating here.

Stopping by Lake Jackson on the Alabama/ Florida line here.

“Playing” at my daughter’s apartment while visiting here.

An Old Tray here.

I threw white quilts on the sofas for a cooler feel in the hot summer here.

Taking a nap during the summer when white feels just right here.

Home is what it’s all about here.

She was only two here.


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