Saturday, August 9, 2014

Was It A Dream?

It’s a journey finding what you love.  I remember wondering before we got married how in the world do you ever decide what colors to decorate with.  Do you just announce I am going with color A and B and it works out?  I really had no clue.

 What I didn’t know is you just have to pay attention and it will reveal itself to you.  The first years of our marriage we had a light green sofa with a subtle floral pattern on it.   I remember how much I loved the look of that couch.  It was almost like a dream!  It was the color and the floral look that I loved.

It is a lot easier now to find what your style is.  With pinterest and all the blogs online there is so much to see.  If you are starting over or just starting out, pay attention to what you are pinning.  Is there a common look to your photos?  Same colors?  Similar fabric choices?

You have to really pay attention.  Is there a lot of white? grey?  Are you sure you like this or are you following a trend?  That’s okay if you are, we all like certain things in trends.  What you don’t know is Madison Avenue will show you something over and over until you believe you like it.  What color of pillows are you going for?  This can tell you what you are drawn to.  What colors are on your pillows?  Is it cool colors, that is colors with a little blue in them?  Or warm colors, colors that seem to have a lot of brown or orangey hint to them.  Maybe you like neutrals.

This shot is warm.  See how the yellow is popping out.

Another warm shot.

This shows the true colors.  A lot of coolness to these colors now.  There’s the light green that I loved about the first sofa we had.  The pinky red our dining chairs were.  So it’s 29 years later and I still love those colors we started out with.  Have I tried other colors?  Yes, but they always bugged me.  I could just feel the wrong color.  And I wanted it to go!

I have heard many designers say they start decorating a room based on a couple of items.  It could be a piece of fabric that you love or a plate that you were immediately in love with at first glance.   Obviously I am drawn to fabric so that is usually how I start a room.  I find a fabric and it always has these colors and the room grows from that point. 

So be true to yourself!  Don’t listen to anybody that says what you are doing is wrong.  It’s your house and it’s for you to enjoy and love!



  1. A soft feminine corner. Very pretty

    1. Thank you Sandy! And thanks for coming by!

  2. You are absolutely GREAT! I lived with the right colors for a while when I was single...then I married (for the second time.....I'm old :^)....and I tried to conform to a sweet hubby who only liked neutrals. That lasted for a few years until I was going CRAZY!! I have now retaught him :^) and we have some neautrals and lots of reds and green accents. I have now convinced him that we need to paint one wall in the DR a nice sagey green color. He looks skeptical, but the rest of the house is either "antique white", or walnut paneling, so he is going to let me have my one wall ;^)
    Thank you for encouraging me....even though you didn't know you were!