Sunday, October 2, 2016

Using Blue On Your Fall Table

Using Blue on your Fall table allows those that are drawn to more cooler colors to enjoy decorating with some of the season's warm colors.  Until the past few years I never got excited about decorating for Fall indoors.  It was strictly an outside event orchestrated by Mother Nature that I loved to take in and admire every hour and day that I could.   However I wasn't really excited about using those warm tones in my home.  Pumpkins use to be seen in only orange and was usually something put on the front porch.  I have found using blue in Fall tablescapes allow me to enjoy the colors I love the most and feel much more genuine putting together.  Just like the Autumn sky set against those blazing leaves on the trees, I like the cooling effect of blue on the table.

Bringing in Fall with a super large green pumpkin that was too heavy for me to carry but adds a lot of visual weight to the table and mid-size white pumpkins.  Blue willow plates with green tipped stemware on a lace tablecloth are anchored by my blue and white vases holding a medley of florals.

There are two versions of this blue and white table that are very much alike.  I couldn't decide which I liked the most.  Do you prefer one over the other?

The first one is 'wearing' two large blue and white vases that aren't identical but similar.  Each vase is filled with roses and carnations.  Short jars containing roses hide behind each of the white pumpkins.  Although one is clearly not going to hide but wants to stand out!




Different glasses used here in blush color and the toile tablecloth is laid under the pumpkins.  Each white pumpkin is topped with the miniature roses and the green pumpkin is flanked by a Blue Willow plate on each side.  I think plates can be so pretty, why not let them be a part of the tablescape in more decorative way!  A large vase holds the mixture of roses and carnations behind the large green pumpkin.










So there you have it, do you choose one or two?


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  1. Hi Jannie Pooh! Your table is most gorgeous! I love Blue Willow dishes any time of the year but you've made your fallen table look so pretty with them. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)