Saturday, March 19, 2016

An Easter Tail

An Easter 'Tail' for kids and kids at heart.

Sonny Bunny is a shy little fellow.  He has come to visit with me and my own little rabbit named Claire.  Sonny lives in a garden far down the lane from my own little cottage.  He loves to nibble on cabbage, carrots and anything else I am growing in the garden.  Sonny is a kind and sweet bunny.


This is Sonny with the black ears and little Claire beside him.  Claire is my sweet little girl bunny.  She loves to play with Sonny.


Sonny Bunny is happy that Spring has come.  He can come out and play in the sun.  Sonny Bunny and Claire Bunny love to hide in the garden where the flowers grow.  It's a fun game for the furry friends.


Sonny perks up when I do come near.  He hopes I have a treat for him.  He scrunches his nose to sniff.  He wonders, "Will it be a carrot? Or a cabbage?  What could it be?"


A carrot for Sonny.  A cabbage for Claire.  That makes for a happy pair!


Munch munch munch...crunch crunch crunch!  Two bunnies sharing their lunch.


Claire giggles at Sonny when he can't keep his little eyes open.  He is so sleepy from having a full tummy.


Sonny Bunny and Claire Bunny drift into an afternoon nap in my garden as the sun shines on their fluffy fur.  I can hear their tiny snores as I tend my garden.

The End

Written by Jan & April Garon


  1. Hi Jannie Pooh! Oh, what an adorable story about your little bunnies. You know you could be a children's story book writer. I could just see all of the cute watercolored pages of the story! You've also put together a pretty vignette too! Happy Sunday or maybe a hoppy Sunday! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thanks Sheila! It was definitely a duo team writing it. My daughter is a natural writer and I have to work hard just to put a sentence together!

  2. What a lovely "tail"! Also, another lovely post. Thank you so much!