Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Concrete Cherub

I type this with the sound of Layla, my schnauzer, snoring in the background.  You can tell it's a nice nap because she is sound asleep.

Change it up, try it another way, has always been my mantra.  Shop your house, you don't have to go buy something to get a different look.  It doesn't hurt to see if you can get a better look by changing it.  Back and forth, I have tried so many ways.   I have been moving furniture whether it be sofas, coffee tables, heavy lamps and so forth, it got moved around.  That has been my way for as far back as I can remember.  My beloved concrete cherub has been moved all over the place on a coffee table, side table and on the porch but finally settled in on the buffet by the dining table.

I have been having bouts of intense pain for the past four years.  The pain would only last a few seconds and would go away.  The last couple of years I could feel something protruding on my side.  But no other symptoms so I just ignored it and went back to what I was doing.  Pretty smart of me, huh?!

I saw a gastrointestinal doctor.  I have managed to cause inflammation in my muscles and the lower part of my ribs.  The lower ribs are made of cartilage and he said it's like if your tore cartilage anywhere else in your body.  You have to rest it.   Relief can't begin to describe my feelings.  I had packed a bag because I was sure I was heading into surgery for whatever was causing such pain.
He said do nothing for six weeks and it will be much better.  He also said this would be something I would live with because it won't completely go away now.  So I have to think like a smart lady.  No more rearranging furniture is going to be a new way for me.   If an idea popped in my head and I just went for it no matter the effort.

I think there are a lot of us ladies that feel such a sense of accomplishment to do things for ourselves but please be mindful that you can cause permanent damage to yourself.

Thankful isn't a big enough word for how I feel.  There are many that would love to hear the diagnosis I heard and I am beyond grateful.  I have loved ones close to me that have battled with serious diagnoses so I don't take this lightly.

So here's a throwback to the concrete cherub that has lived through many of my vignettes.  Her behind isn't getting moved again!













  1. You be careful girlie, and do what the good doctor tells you!!! We can't have you out of commission for too long!
    I love your cherub baby, but she can stay right where she is for a couple of months!!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Thank you Jaybird. You are always so kind.