Sunday, April 26, 2015

Frenchie Chest

Hey!  How are ya'll?  Today I am so excited to share with you my daughter's work.  She has been painting some old furniture and this is her latest project.  It's an old french provencal chest of drawers and it was in desperate need of attention.  I got the pleasure of styling it and took a few photos.


I pulled out my vintage Ralph Lauren fabric left over from a project.  A mason jar holds roses from the yard.  Decorative fruit plates fill the top drawer.  Lemons cold from the refrigerator and little candleholders bring the look together.

I love to play with the pretties.


I thought some of you would be interested in how she refinished it.

The chest was originally an ivory that was yellow tinged with age. First, she sanded the paint off the top with a handheld sander and 60 grit sandpaper.  She smoothed it with 220 sandpaper and lightly sanded the rest of the chest with 220 paper until the finish was no longer shiny.

She covered the chest with two coats of Zinsser Bull's Eye Primer, and added an extra coat to the top to hide stains.

The white paint used for the body of the chest is Glidden Premium Paint and Primer in Muslin White in a Satin finish. It's a great white color that is reminiscent of cotton while it's still on the plant.  A great warm but not yellow white.  She used two coats.

Chalk paint is the craze these days, but the price of Annie Sloan can be hard to swallow.  She found Americana Décor Chalky Finish paint at Home Depot for less than 8 dollars, in the color 'vintage'.  A great  green-blue.  She painted the drawers this color and used three coats for extra coverage.  She still had half the jar left!  It goes a long way.

Using a sealant is important to protect the finish of the paint from scuffs.  A lot of people like to use wax and my daughter has used that before, but for this project she used Polycrylic protective finish in clear satin.  She used two coats on the body and 3 on the top.

Here's a little secret: these drawer pulls were covered with gold Sharpies!  That's right!  They were badly tarnished and dull from age, and a gold metallic sharpie brought them back to life!  She sealed them with a spray sealant to protect the finish.



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