Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter is Near

Hello, how are you?  Do you remember growing up and observing Easter with your family?  As children, we always got new dresses and matching headbands.  We all had GREAT BIG HEADS so the headbands hurt like the devil but we had to wear them on Easter.  I think the big heads came from my father’s side of the family because I have a cousin on that side that has the big head too!  In fact he was called jughead when we were kids.  What interesting things I share about my family!  Haha!  That was the only time we wore them.  I would always get such a headache from it and it would leave marks.

Mama did a great job of coordinating our outfits.  There are old photos showing we didn’t have the same dress but the same shade repeated in our dresses and my brother’s clothes.  Then of course we took photos after church standing in front of the azaleas if they were blooming.

Ham is an Easter favorite.  Oh and plenty of deviled eggs!  We always did the egg dyeing and ate tons of them.

Living in the Deep South we know we will have Spring before Easter but the thing is we may have things blooming but we always have a freeze before Easter so we try to harness our excitement and not do any planting until after Easter.

I remember our first Easter after we got married.  I wanted to make up a pretty table but we were pinching pennies.  Fortunately we did have azaleas blooming in the area and I gathered a few and they were all we needed.  It was a small table and didn’t need much.  No little children in our home anymore but I still like to decorate for Easter, even if it is simple.  I think I still have a little of my inner child that enjoys the decorating and of course the goodies.   Do you decorate?

The wisteria is showing off!  There’s lots of bees buzzing all over it.

I was planning on cutting some wisteria and doing a pretty table with it but there’s too many bees this year!  I know they usually don’t sting but they intimidated me.

There’s two different fabrics on the table.  They both have roses blooming.

There are also butterflies!

My cardinal’s nest is happy to be back outside.



  1. Your little finch is so beautiful!! He just says "Hello spring!".
    I do decorate a little, but more with birdies, nests and eggs. I'm not so much a bunny person. I would love to have your beautiful flowers, but I am a lazy gardener! By Sunday, hopefully I will have a few bluebonnets to fill my beautiful crystal basket.
    Easter blessings to you,

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments Jaybird! Bluebonnets are so pretty, I know you will enjoy them. I can't take credit for our flowers, well the wisteria was planted many years ago, and we get a few roses but I have been buying my roses for a good while. Maybe later in the season we will see roses in the yard. Thank you for commenting!